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The use of promotional items is one of the best strategies for boosting brand awareness and raising a company's profile. Businesses need promotional products to get their company name out there and spread the word about their products and services. Customers feel a sense of connection with brands when they receive useful items from them.

A wide range of promo gifts may be used to drive business growth. Not all promo items are relevant to any niche, however. For better resource mobilisation and to effectively communicate the right marketing message, companies must identify the most appropriate promotional items for their brand awareness campaign. Some of the most popular go-to promotional products that any company in any niche can look into include USB sticks, pens, mugs, electrical items and stationery.

Promo products boost your business in many ways. Established brands earn additional revenue by selling merchandise printed with their logo and slogan. Such merchandise can be marketed as giveaways during business conferences, exhibitions and showcase events. On occasion, promo gifts may be given to employees working for your company to increase their morale and encourage loyalty.

Promotional Products Brisbane

Promotional companies in Brisbane are few and far between. Though the industry is not saturated, several agencies offer expensive packages that fail to meet the marketing needs of different types of businesses. While some companies do not mind spending a hefty sum, others operate on a measured budget.

Enhance Promotions understands that start-up and small businesses want to use promotional items to improve their brand and reach out to target markets at a fraction of the cost they normally incur. They want to have a wide range of choices so they can choose the best promo products for increasing brand recognition.

Having the right promotional items helps businesses effectively communicate to potential consumers and business contacts. In a 2015 study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), nearly 80% of customers remembered the company name and the product type affiliated with the promo item.

Selecting corporate gifts that are useful to target customers can give your marketing campaign a competitive edge. Frequent use and visual confirmation of such items increase customers' awareness of the company giving away the items. Staple promo gifts like mugs and pens are good for everyday use, which is why most companies prefer to use them as giveaways.

Find the right promo product for marketing your business here at Enhance Promotions. All items can be customised.

Choose promotional products from our online store.

Wholesale Promotional Products

Our promotional products are specifically tailored to suit any type of niche and marketing budget. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a commercial business, our promo items can be customised to match your requirements. We cater to enterprises with business-to-business and business-to-consumer models.

Customers may order in bulk or in specific quantities when they shop from our online store. When you do order in bulk, price per item decreases and you get to save up on shipping fees and overall order cost. You may opt to purchase on an as-needed basis, but piecemeal purchase will only add up to your marketing expenses since separate orders require separate shipping fees.

Purchasing wholesale promotional products also spares you the hassle of moving and storing promotional items multiple times in a year. It would be ideal to order corporate gifts to last you several months or until your company has decided on a new marketing campaign. Longest campaign period may last for 12 months depending on the size of your business. If your business has a warehouse or a stockroom, allocate enough space for a year's worth of promotional items.

Products sold in our e-commerce store are made from materials with long-lasting shelf life. This means they are a lot easier to buy in bulk because they do not have expiry dates or take a long time to expire (in the case of health and personal care products).

Shop our store and see our list of wholesale promotional products.

Corporate Gifts Brisbane

Enhance Promotions offers a wide range of custom promo products. Our corporate gifts are organised into 12 major categories easily accessible through our homepage. We also have a section where you can purchase special limited-time items for any occasion or event.

Customers decide how their logos and slogans should be placed on the items they order. Other custom features may be added upon request.

Each product has a different lead time. Some products can be delivered faster than others. Average lead time for most promo items is between 10 and 15 business days unless customers specify the exact time and date they want their orders to be completed.

Some products come in a variety of colours. Specify which colours you prefer or if you want to order all available colours. Place your specifications or special instructions on the box provided below the product description on each product page.

Prices for our product range are affordable and guaranteed to give customers value for their money. We follow a sustainable pricing strategy, formulated with due deference to Australian fair trade laws.